Information (English)

Our association

The Law Clinic Münster – Studentische Rechtsberatung e.V. (LCM) is an initiative by law students at the WWU Münster. We offer support for legal questions to people who cannot access legal advice due to financial or personal obstacles. We work on a volunteer basis and our services are free of charge. 

Our idea

Not everyone has access to professional legal counsel. The Law Clinic supports these people with legal issues and administrative questions.

By doing this, we work to counter inequality and at the same time practice our skills in providing legal advice. We work together with welfare organisations in Münster which help us connect with people seeking advice and add to our range of possibilities to offer social counselling. Every single counselling session is supported by an attorney. Furthermore, our student advisors complete educational trainings. This guarantees a high quality of advice.



Legal advice service

We can only offer our consulting service if you have no access to legal counsel due to financial and/or personal reasons (§ 53 AO).

Unfortunately, we cannot help you
… in criminal matters.
… regarding court appearances.
… if the amount in dispute exceeds the value of 5000 EUR .
… if there is a legal deadline of 2 weeks or less.

1. Getting in contact
Contact us through our welfare partners in Münster or our website.

2.  If the Law Clinic accepts the case
We examine whether or not we are able to advise you. After that, we will contact you and arrange a meeting.

3.  Handling the case
The students will work together with legal professionals to offer you legal advice.



How it works

 1. Contacting us directly
You can also send us an e-mail. Please describe your problem in detail. This will make it easier for us to determine whether we can offer you our consulting services. If your case does not fall within the scope of our services, please refrain from sending a request.

2. If the Law Clinic accepts the case
If your case gets accepted, two student advisors will support you with legal advice. They will contact you to initiate a meeting. You may need to send in further documents. We can provide an interpreter if you need one.

3. Handling the case
The student advisors and a legal professional will discuss your case. This may take place in a video chat or a phone call. The further proceedings are usually specific to the case. Depending on the complexity of your case, we can either assist you after only a short processing period, or if necessary, we can have a detailed discussion about your case.